How to fix League of Legends lag, latency and ping problems? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 20.07.2019  09:00

Many LOL players were hoping that lag issues in PVP would be solved. Unfortunately, the high latency issues in League of Legends, especially in PVP, are mainly caused by the lack of stable and quality lines and signals provided by the player's ISP and as same many lag issues are caused from the player's PC or laptop. The League of Legends game servers are working up to 99% (besides maintenance work and temporary high loads).

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Fix lag, reduce latency and lower high ping in LOL!

We have discussed the LOL lag many times and as users vote, comments and analyzed data from Latency Optimizer show that one of the biggest issues causing League of Legends lag or high latency is the internet gateway connection from various ISPs.

We have analyzed more than 100 ISPs worldwide through Speedtest4free and the results show that Australia, parts of Asia and parts of east Europe and North America having internet gateway issues.

We also noticed that around 19% of people play LOL via satellite internet and once more it must be said that satellite or wireless internet connections should not be preferred over a wired connection to ensure a stable ping.

Yet there are many players who don't have a choice, so all possible ways to reduce League of Legends lag when it comes to satellite connections should be undertaken.

We have posted on our blog an article about slow and unstable internet connections: read it here.

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Why are there latency, lag and ping issues in League of Legends?

Back to the general LOL lag issues. As same as with almost ALL Online Games and also with League of Legends, the user's end is most important!

To give an example on how most of the game servers are working:

Imagine you are an amateur tennis player playing with your friend who is a professional player. After you fail to return or catch the ball over some period of time it is most likely that your friend will stop playing with you. The same applies for data packages sent from your computer to the game server and back.

If your internet connection settings are misconfigured, TCP/IP protocol is corrupted, registry settings are wrong or missing, third party applications interfering with your internet connection without your knowledge, lack of periodically conducted system services, infections and tons of other reasons can cause high latency (lag) in League of Legends. You can troubleshoot and fix many of these issues with LATENCY OPTIMIZER 4.0 (here)

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The major League of Legends lags reasons in short:


lol error icon - Internet Service Provider causes issues
lol error icon - Router/ modem settings and drivers
lol error icon - USER´s computer (system and internet connection performance)
lol error icon - Game server
lol error icon - In- game mechanics
lol error icon - Internet gateway issues

*Source & Copyrigh of game media usedt:, Riot Games

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