How to lower ping and latency in Call of Duty Black Ops 2?

We have already received many votes and inquires about ping and latency issues in Black Ops 2's multiplayer modes. Note that questions mainly come from PC uses! The reasons why your ping or latency is getting higher may vary, but as already mentioned in another post, the first 2 days after the release, updates or expansions of Back Ops 2 will get heavy on the game servers.

It is very important that you understand that you can still have ping and latency issues afterwards. If this is the case, you need to troubleshoot your PC and internet connection speed, ping and latency!

How to lower ping & reduce latency issues in Black Ops 2?

Please browse through our blog for clues about specific ping and latency issues as we will give only a short overview about general causes in this post! See it as a kind of "First Aid".


How to terminate the causes of lag issues in Black Ops 2?

If the high ping or high latency issues are caused by the game servers, you can only wait it out! Activision will solve such issues ASAP (in maybe 1 & 2 days)! Check out the Activision Forum now! High ping & latency in Black Ops 2 caused by ISP Make a speed and ping test with our free software. Save, compare and analyze the results and if you see any drops in speed or a high ping, you should at first check if your router/modem is working properly and then talk to your ISP. Feel free to use your saved speed and ping test results from your free Badosoft account as evidence! You can download for FREE SPEEDTEST4FREE from our website (here) and make speed and ping tests. You can easily save your results, compare and analyze them with this software.

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High ping and latency in black Ops 2 caused on YOUR END

If your ping/latency is high in Black Ops 2 and you are sure it's not the game server or your ISP, please check the list of possible high ping and latency causes and try to perform maintenance on your system, make a speed test and ping test as well as tune and tweak your internet connection. You can do this with Latency Optimizer!

If your system and internet connection performs faster, then the sent and received data packages will perform faster as well! Especially in Black Ops 2 multiplayer modes where high volumes of data are sent and received via your internet connection, tweaking and tuning is recommended if you experience ping and latency issues! Do not be frustrated as 90% of all ping and latency issues can be solved successfully! It just needs research, time, understanding and Latency Optimizer!

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