How to make your Internet faster with 45 tweaks & tunes? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 15.07.2019   14:30

Before we talk about how to increase your internet connection speed to make your uploads/downloads, web browser and related process speeds faster, there is one thing every Internet user must understand; it is not possible to increase the internet connection speed significantly, like 2 x faster, 50 x times faster or 100% faster, with a software solution or tricks. This is a myth!

The internet connection speed you ordered from your Internet Service Provider is limited. Only your ISP can increase the internet connection speed significantly! But there is a solution on how to let your uploads/downloads and web browser speed at a faster than usual rate!

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How to make your internet connection faster?

Measure your internet connection speed

Monitor your internet connection speed over a couple of days with Speedtest4free and complain to your ISP if you do not receive the ordered speed!

It is very common that Internet users experience their connection speed to decrease at specific times during the day. If your internet connection is slower at the same point every day, then it is most likely that the bandwidth your ISP is giving in your area is shared by to many users.

In such a situation you can contact your ISP and let him know about your concerns. The chance that your ISP will increase the bandwidth limit in your area during the rush hours might be very small as it is connected with more costs for your ISP, but as more users complain the more your ISP will need to fix the issue.

In any case contacting your ISP when you experience a performance loss over a few days period is recommended. Sometimes your ISP might only have some maintenance going on or is updating his system.

Your ISP will have a couple of options to speed up your Internet. This can be done if you sign up for a faster service package, ask for helping you to forward some ports or assist you with tweaking your router or modem to name few of them. Please note that if the decrease of your internet connection is caused by your computer then your ISP might not be able to assist you at all. Therefore we highly recommend you to watch your end!

Apply up to 45 tweaks and tunes to make your internet connection faster

Download Latency Optimizer 4.0 here and maintain your system regularly. Speed up and boost your internet connection and web browser via the 3 predefined modes or apply 45 tweaks & tunes to make your internet connection faster.

An internet connection can be slow because of several reasons. As already mentioned, the hardware, ISP, server's side or the user's computer can cause a slow internet connection. To speed up a slow internet connection, you can tweak & fine-tune your operating system, including protocols, internet connection settings, processes and registry setting to name a few of them.

Latency Optimizer provides you with easy one-click tweaks & tunes to speed up your Internet. Furthermore, Latency Optimizer gives you the possibility in the advanced mode to let you deep tweak & fine-tune your internet connection. More than 45 tweaks & tunes with descriptions are available to speed up your internet connection!

Customize your security applications

Before installing a firewall, virus-scanner or any other security application, read through the manual and check related forums. Almost all security applications today have one thing in common; they automatically take control of all related settings if you do not customize them on your need. There are tons and tons of users having the wildest issues caused by security applications, including internet connection performance issues! 

 A computer without a firewall and at least one anti-virus scanner is vulnerable to infections!

A moderate percentage of performance issues by web browsers are caused by various infections. But as already said, choose your firewall and anti-virus scanner wisely and read thought the manual


Update your drivers and firmware

Update not only drivers of your OS and hardware parts; update your web browser as well!

Web browser plug-ins and toolbars

Keep a minimum of Web browser plug-ins and use toolbars only if really needed.

Too many active applications using the Internet in the same time

If you do not have a turbo fast internet connection, downloading files like music, videos, software and having in the same time a VoIP chat with a friend while your online game is in standby till your virus & co-scanner scans in real-time and the automatic updates run. All these can definitely cause an internet connection to perform slowly!

Closing some of the tasks might help to let your internet connection perform faster. You can also speed up and boost your internet connection with Latency Optimizer 3.0.

Too many applications running in the background and using the internet connection

You would need to have an internet connection monitoring tool or firewall with the feature to monitor incoming and outgoing connections in order to figure out what applications are using your internet connection. A possible solution to avoid is in regard to non-security applications that are connecting to the Internet without your knowledge. You can set to update features manually.

You might also want to disallow some applications to connect to the Internet completely which can be done primarily with a firewall. (Some virus scanners support such features as well). Applications running in the background can also slow down your entire computer performance; therefore it is wise to check the auto start folder and schedule of your operating system.

You might want to use Latency Optimizer's integrated startup manager for such research as well.


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Internet connection settings like Winsock, DNS or IP are corrupted

A corrupted Winsock, IP or DNS can cause many issues with your internet connection. The problem with a corrupted Winsock, IP or DNS is that it is very hard to figure out that it is actually responsible for your internet connection not working properly. One sign that your Winsock is corrupted is if you cannot open certain web pages in your browser. Connectivity Fixer and Connectivity Fixer PRO can help you repair Winsock and monitor your internet connection for DNS, IP and Winsock issues, in addition to many other internet connection repair functions.

My web browser is misconfigured

A broken or misconfigured web browser may make you think that your internet connection became slow or does not work at all. You will have a few possibilities to troubleshoot this only if your web browser is corrupted and causes the issue or if it is really your internet connection. You can do a speed and ping test with Latency Optimizer as these tests do not need a web browser to be performed.

If you can manage to successfully perform the speed and ping test, it is very likely that your internet connection is functioning. If you cannot open web pages in your browser, but you can for example talk over a VOIP (Voice over IP) application like Skype or Ventrilo, you might want to repair your Internet Explorer rather than your internet connection. Usually most of the known web browsers offer the function to reset to default which in most cases when performed will solve the issue.

My wireless adapter is not properly adjusted to catch the signal

In order to have a stable functioning wireless internet connection, your wireless card/adapter needs to be properly adjusted to catch the signal that is being sent from the wireless router or modem. There are certain things every user of a wireless internet connection should take notice of and can do to boost the signal strength of a wireless router or modem:

 » Your wireless router or modem should be placed at a central location of your home (not near outside walls)
 » Do not place your wireless router or modem near metal objects
 » If there is a difference in height (floor up or down), place your wireless router or modem on a higher position.
issue image  » Depending on the position of your wireless router or modem, you can replace the standard antenna that sends the signal in all directions to with High Gain Antenna which will focus on one direction
issue image » Add a Wireless Repeater to extend the range of the signal

You can try to change the wireless channel of your router/modem and adapter if the signal strength is weak.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to:

» Reduce high latency - Fix lag by online games and online application.
» Improve your up and download speed
» Balance your System Memory
» Get rid of unwanted Files what slows down your PC performance.
» Speed up your surfing experience
» Measure your up and download speed
» Test your latency

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