How to make slow loading YouTube videos play faster?

There is no one out there who hasn't experienced, at least once, a slow loading YouTube video! Many of us even have regular issues while YouTube buffers videos. We all know how frustrating it can be to watch a lagging video!

Is it possible to speed up the YouTube video buffering time? Can YouTube lag be fixed? Lately a couple of software solutions got released, promising to fix YouTube lag and accelerate YouTube videos. Is it possible to make YouTube videos faster via software?

As the developers of Latency Optimizer & the Fastest Internet Accelerator and LAG FIX, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to answer this question with Yes and No!

Why YouTube videos loading slow or lagging for some users and how to make it faster?

Lagging YouTube videos or slow loading YouTube videos can be caused from 4 ends:

slow youtube info A. Slow loading YouTube videos caused from the Youtube servers
slow youtube info B. Slow loading or lagging YouTube videos caused from your ISP
slow youtube info C. Slow loading or lagging YouTube videos caused from your PC
slow youtube info D. Slow loading YouTube videos caused from your mobile devices

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A. YouTube Servers causing slow loading or lagging videos!

There is no software solution available for users that could possibly fix video loading issues caused from the YouTube servers! High load, technical issues, malfunctioning hardware, maintenance work or attacks can harm the YouTube server performance and only the server admins or admins of the partner datacenters can influence the solving such issues!

If YouTube's servers cause high latency, depending on the region the servers cover, YouTube users will experience slow loading or lagging videos and there is nothing except patience that will help! The good news is that YouTube makes huge investments in server technology and hardware and such issues happen rarely and are mainly temporary!

B. Your ISP is causing your internet connection to be slow or laggy!

Note that there is no minimum internet connection speed requirement for watching YouTube videos, but if you have signed up for the cheapest and in most of the cases the slowest package that your ISP is offering, then it is very likely that YouTube videos won't perform as fast as they would if you had signed up for a faster package! Slow loading YouTube videos caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be temporary but there are many users who experience this kind of lag over days, weeks and some over months!

You should start monitoring your internet connection over a few days' period. Do a speed test and ping test 2 or 3 times a day (download Speedtest4free), write down or save the results in you Badosoft account. Try to use different video services or use different video applications and see if the slow loading video issues are still present. If you experience that everywhere you stream video it lags (high latency), it is time to talk to your ISP.

Note that there is no software that could influence faster loading YouTube videos if your ISP provides you with a slow or laggy internet connection! Other than with online games, the streaming is a simple download and techniques like splitting up data packages or accelerating the synchronization and communication with a server is most likely not going to happen.

We can conclude that there is no software solution for the end user that could help to make YouTube videos load faster if your ISP is the cause of the issue! Your ISP is the only one that could solve your slow loading YouTube videos!

C. Your computer, operating system and web browser causes YouTube videos to perform slowly or lag!

Our statistics showing that by more than 60% of YouTube users experience slow video performance or video lag. Their own computers, operating systems and related settings, 3rd party software and web browsers are the cause!

Hardware issues, router/modem settings, operating system settings, processes and system internals, registry entries, internet connection settings and protocols, anti-virus scanners, firewalls and other 3rd party applications and viruses, malware, spyware, ad-ware and root-kit infections can be responsible for slow or lagging YouTube videos!

Also, a major factor is the chosen web browser, web browser settings, security settings, plug-ins, toolbars and add-ons!

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D. Your mobile device causes slow or lagging YouTube videos!

At this time our Company did not do any research on mobile devices causing YouTube videos to perform slowly or lag. We have the information about Android and Symbian systems possibly causing issues with YouTube video performance and are in contact with mobile platform developers and manufacturers of mobile devices. Yet we cannot give any appropriate info on causes and suggestions on fixes for slow performing YouTube videos on mobile devices!

How to make YouTube videos load faster and fix YouTube lag?

As already said at the beginning of this article, it is not possible to accelerate YouTube videos to perform faster or to fix lag, if the issues are caused by the YouTube servers!

As the issues are caused by your ISP you will need to troubleshoot and measure your internet connection speed and ping and if necessary complain to your ISP!

If the slow loading time of YouTube videos is caused by your computer, hardware, operating system, internet connection and/or web browser then the following suggestions can help you:

speed up youtube solutions 1. Download Latency Optimizer to assist you to speed up YouTube and fix lag.
speed up youtube solutions 2. Install a proper anti-virus scanner.
speed up youtube solutions 3. Maintain your computer and system on a weekly base.
speed up youtube solutions 4. Download Connectivity Fixer from our website in the case that your Winsock or IP is corrupted. Buy Connectivity Fixer PRO to assist you with limited or no connectivity and many other internet connection and Internet Explorer issues.
speed up youtube solutions 5. Troubleshoot your internet connection speed. Test the upload and download speed, test the ping, test the latency and send a full report to your ISP if you notice something isn't right. This is a god base to getting attention as you deal with facts. (You can use Latency Optimizer and Speedtest4free to save and compare speed and ping test results. Latency Optimizer will also allow you to do a latency test).
speed up youtube solutions 6. Send a support ticket and explain the issue to your ISP if the issue is caused on his end.
speed up youtube solutions 7. Look periodically for announcements on the ISP's website (maintenance, technical issues).
speed up youtube solutions 8. Ask your ISP if he can advise you on some router/modem tweaks or port-forward your connection. Port-forwarding has a slight chance of solving lag issues and speeding up YouTube. At least check if filters block your web browser.
speed up youtube solutions 9. Change your ISP if the issues are clearly caused on his end and no steps are taken to improve your internet connection.
speed up youtube solutions 10. Update all drivers and firmware regularly.
speed up youtube solutions 11. Change malfunctioning hardware parts.
speed up youtube solutions 12. Study the manual of your firewall and anti-virus scanner on best uses while surfing the Internet or use YouTube.
speed up youtube solutions 13. Update your flash player.
speed up youtube solutions 14. Enable JavaScript, if not already enabled!

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