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Topic of this article: “mouse lag

The meaning of mouse lag

The term “mouse lag” is commonly used by gamer if:

1.) The mouse courser is lagging (delay)
2.) One of the mouse buttons have a delay after pressing it

Other terms used or connected to mouse lag: mouse lags, mouse is lagging, mouse is laggy, stuttering courser, courser is slow, mouse button not reacting, to low mouse dpi, courser lags, courser is laggy

Why the mouse can lag?

a.) Hardware issues
b.) Old, missing or wrong mouse driver
c.) Wrong mouse settings (scroll speed, left hand, right hand, dpi)
d.) Dirt on the mouse laser
e) Graphics card causes lag but notable via the mouse courser
f.) Wrong in-game settings (courser settings)
g.) Low battery (wireless mouse)

How to fix a lagging mouse

Solution A
- Unplug the mouse and re-plug it

Solution B
- Restart the game and/or restart the computer or laptop

Solution C
- Adjust the in-game mouse settings accordingly

Solution D
- Update to the newest mouse driver or roll-back to the previous version if the lag starts after a new update

Solution E
- Check the cable that connects the mouse with the computer or laptop

Solution F
- Change the Windows system mouse settings accordingly

Solution G

- Clean the laser of the mouse

Solution H

- Change batteries (wireless mouse)

Solution I

- Increase the DPI value of the mouse laser

Solution J
- Plug in a other mouse and see if there is still lag

Solution K
- Check your graphic card settings >>> Visit the “graphics lag” section of the knowledge base

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