My Browser doesn't open some pages!

  • 2011.11.11 12:59
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There is no doubt that internet has made our life far easier than we could have imagined. But with the ease it brings into our life, with everything around us, there are certain limitations of the internet. These limitations can make our internet experience quite sour. One of the intolerable errors or obstructions while using the internet is the error 404 page not found. This error 404 requires a connectivity fix (download here). This means that a connection attempt was not made successfully or the file that was required by the client (usually a web browser like Internet Explorer) could not be retrieved from the specified server.

My Browser doesn't open some pages!

Usually happens when:   

a.) the desired pages have been removed,
b.) moved to a new server location,
c.) there is a problem with the web browser
d.) even worse there is an issue with some of your System internals.

In the cases c and d an internet explorer repair and/ or an Internet connection repair is needed!

Connectivity Fixer PRO is designed to assist users with the error 404 and other Internet Explorer problems.

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