Optimization Techniques To Reduce High Latency (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 23.09.2019   21:30

Explaining optimization and reduction techniques of high latency at client side to fix lag, fps and performance drops.

Optimization Techniques To Reduce High Latency


Latency optimization technique used in this article working at client (user end), on the desktop computer or laptop running Microsoft Windows operating system.

Slow performing  or wronlgy configured Windows operating system can cause internet connection lag, high CPU or RAM usage that results in latency issues, ping and fps problems in a online or LAN network.

High Latency Can Be Caused By:


1. The users computer (client) and connected peripherals

2. The Internet Service Provider

3. The online server or local host


network latency

(image: example of a online communication structure)

By the communication between client and an online server, data packages are created, processed, sent and received between:

a.) The client (user)

b.) The ISP

c.) The online server or local host


If the online server or local host suffers from high latency, the chain of sending and receiving data packages gets delayed by the other included ends.

Reduction Of High Latency At Client Side


cloud network latency

(image: possibilities where to reduce high latency)


High Latency Avoidance And Solutions



(image: example of client side reduction)

If client (user computer with Windows operating system) has local latency issues delays will be noticed by online server or local host! Some server technologies checking the communication with the client and might disconnect client(s) with latency issues to avoid performance loss in favor to other clients connected to the online server or local host. An example would be a multi massive online game with 1.000´s of clients connected to the game server(s).

An abstract example for getting disconnected from a online server or local host is a ping pong game:

"If a professiona ping pongl player is playing with an amateur and the amateur keeps missing the ball, the professional play most likely will stop playing ping pong with the amateur."




High Latency Reduction At ISP Or Online Server / Local Host


As the client user does not have possibilities to get insight or interact with the internet service providers infrastructure or the application server the only possible action that can be taken to avoid or fix lag by keep the latency as low as possible at client side (Windows Operating System).

Latency Optimizer found here can assist users to keep their local operating system latency low and allow user to test and analyze the operating systems for possible causes of high latency.

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