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UPDATED: 07.07.2019   9:36

Ping test will tell you about the quality and speed data packages can be send from your PC to a server located somewhere in the world. It will help you find out how good or bad your internet connection is. A ping test can be used for other purposes as well. Troubleshooting of connectivity problems involved along with the network can also be done with the help of a ping test. If you succeed to establish connection with the other computer, you will be able to find out the connection latency amongst the two computers in consideration by taking a ping test.

Free Ping Test

Ping test serves as a great purpose by testing the communication quality of online games, online applications like VOIP and other online services services. You need much more than just raw speed for streaming media, and video and voice communications.

The ping is a reaction time of your connection that determines how fast you get a response after you have sent out a request. Low ping means fast response time, a high ping means there is either a problem on your local grid or your ISP has a low subscription rate. Ping is measured in miliseconds (ms), most often recognized and talked about in gaming world.

To better understand how ping works, guys from the Youtube channel "Techquickie" have explained it perfectly for you in a short time span.

The IP address of the other computer or remote server needs to be identified before conducting a ping test. The result of the ping test will be determined by the quality of the network connection you have subscribed to. In general it can be said that broadband internet will give you a better ping test result when compared to a satellite internet connection. You can optimize your ping right here with our latest software!

You can download a free Ping Test and Speed Test here: Speedtest4free It will help you measure and monitor your internet connection speed and ping rate. It will give you a result of your upload and download burst rates during your speed test.

A ping test is also included in the Latency Optimizer 4 speed test! You can obtain this software for free or purchase a premium version that unlocks tons of new features that help you solve your daily network issues. Great for office work, even better for gaming!

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