How to optimize ping?

  • 2011.11.08 19:26
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Ping test is a tool for computer user to reach the internet protocol. Basically, with the ping you test the communication and distance between your PC and the internet. For example, ping can be related to sound at a concert. If an individual wants to talk to his or her friend, then a higher ping is going to cause problems for him or her to talk to the friend. The lower the ping or the noise, the easier it is to communicate.

People are constantly looking for ways to make a ping test and find answers to lower their pings. Most internet service providers have a ping limit. The user can complain if the ping has reached over the limit and the ISP needs to solve the issue. There are ways by which people can lower or optimize their ping and speed up internet but first, the user needs to test the ping. The testing can be done from online sites or in applications like Latency Optimizer what can be also used to optimize the ping.

There are many ways on how to optimize ping and boost Internet connections    

One of the things what can be done to lower your ping is to check if your wire is proper plugged in and that your router or modem does not suffer on unstable electricity frequency. Older Ethernet cables are likely to reduce your ping. So the older the cable, the higher the ping could be.

Use a traditional wire conenction rather than a wireless connection. Wi-Fi is likely to give you a higher ping. If you use cables instead, then you are likely to get a lower ping as the cables are directly connected the modem to the computer.

One of the main reasons why most people get a high ping is due to online RPG games. These games require a really fast connection and are likely to increase your ping. The more you play, the higher your ping is going to get if no system and internet connection maintenance isdone regular.

For online gamers

who experience lag - high latency, all applications should be set to stop using the internet in the time of playing. There are antivirus programs and Firewalls as well that constantly use the internet connection for updates and real time monitoring. For people who play online games and even for people who download files, these applications decrease your performance. This is definitely going to increase your ping when multiple tasks are using the connection. To turn off a virus scanner or firewall is not a wise decision as your system will be more vulnerable. We suggest using an Internet accelerator to compensate the lost performance!    


Another way to lower your ping

is to complain to your Internet service providers if you think the issues is caused by your line. Your ISP can lower your ping. If you are facing a really poor internet speed, then the ISP is likely to make your internet more effective by lowering your ping. A lot of ISPs do this by charging a small amount of money.

Use Latency Optimizer to optimize your ping and lower your ping

Latency Optimizer 3.0 try to manage your internet connection in a way so that you can access the internet protocol way faster. In simpler terms, this application can lower the NOISE or the PING so that you can communicate more easily with your friends. Latency Optimizer is designed to speed up internet and lower ping. Gamers who play online games like MMORPGs or 3rd person shooters need low pings. They need to optimize their pings for a better and less laggy game play. A low ping is also needed to use VOIP.

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