Software To Reduce Ping

Suffering from high ping in online games? Follow our step by step guide on how to test and reduce high ping. There are certain situations where your hardware or internet connection is good but you still got a high ping, you ever wonder why this is happening? Keep reading how the Ping Reducer Software works and what are the necessary requirements to keep your ping as low as possible!


Software to reduce your gaming ping

Before you download the free Ping Reducer Software you will need to ensure few things on your end! Also note that in the free version some features are limited. So what is the catch by this Software? Is there any magic involved? NO not at all! The Software doesn´t promises you to reduce your ping under any circumstances! We will guide you now step by step what needs to be done at your end and we will also explain you basics about ping reductions.


Is the Software 100% working?


YES! The Ping Reducer Software is working! Yet, in order to have the best results you need to verify that:

a.) Your PC or Laptop meets the system requirements of the game you play.

b.) Your internet connection is "stable" preferable "wired".

c.) Your modem settings are properly made like written in the manual or provided by your ISP.

d.) Your ISP doesn´t suffer from gateway issues, poor infrastructure or temporary technical issues.

e.) The game sever you are playing on is not suffering from temporary high latency or has gateway issues that will increase your ping in regards of your location.

f.) Your PC or Laptop is not infected by a virus, trojan or worm.


Can I reduce my ping in games no matter if my hardware is out-dated?

Most probably NOT! But IF you succeed to reduce your ping with the Ping Reducer Software your game will still lag because of the slow performance of your hardware.

Is there a difference between high vs. low ping while in pvp?



Can I reduce ping if the game server suffers from high latency?


No! There is nothing you can do at your end to solve this high ping cause. It is technically not possible to reduce your ping if the game server has issues. Services or Software claiming to reduce your ping in such situation is most probably a placebo.


Can I reduce ping if my internet connection is unstable or I have a poor signal?

That depends if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has technical issues or provides you with a poor service or the unstable connection or poor signal results from not properly configured settings, services or processes on your PC or Laptop and that can result in a delay of sent and received data packages. If this is the case go ahead and download the Ping Reducer Software from here.


Does gaming VPN´s, tunnels or proxies help me to reduce my ping?

Most likely NOT! You need to understand that at the first you are connected from your PC or Laptop (that could have latency issues) over your ISP (the base ping, speed and bandwidth will always be the same, no matter where you are connected afterwards) and there is little till no chance a 3rd party service can reduce your ping because your data packages are still sent and received over your ISP and PC or Laptop! Makes sense?


Watch how the Ping Reducer Software works



Download Ping Reducer Software

If you are in need to test your ping, tweak and tune your operating system (Windows) to perfrom faster while sending and receiving data packages over your PC or Laptop to your ISP and over to the game server you schould download the Ping Reducer Software, now!

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