How to repair my internet connection? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 14.07.2019   11:45

Viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, adware and root-kits can not only harm your PC's performance and data! These infections can use your internet connection to attack others, spread out, manipulate and spy on your personal data. Personal computers without a proper scanner, real time shields and firewalls are open for every infection and hacker; for every computer crime!

After tracking down and cleaning such an infection many users experience internet connection problems and need beside a connectivity fix and internet connection repair (Winsock fix, IP and DNS repair, host files fix and other connection related errors) to also repair Internet Explorer.

When do you need an internet connection repair?

If the infected system is cured and the harmful files are deleted, it doesn't necessary mean that there are no leftovers that still cause trouble while surfing, playing online games or using online services like VOIP (Voice over IP). Interuption in VoIP communication is very frustrating, thats why softwares try to help and provide reliable solution if the problem keeps persisting. 

Of course, reseting operting system fixes everything, but at what cost? We shouldnt be preasured to reset OS just because of some minor problem in most cases. Any technical service team will suggest you this option if then cant bother finding the problem themselves.

Classic internet connection problems are:


Connectivity Fixer PRO will help you to fix the following errors:

Classical Internet connection problems are:

Connectivity Fixer PRO will help you to:

connection issue -icon » Unwanted disconnects
connection issue -icon » Web pages cannot be displayed
connection issue -icon » Internet stopped working
connection issue -icon » Repair Internet Explorer
connection issue -icon » Page cannot be displayed
connection issue -icon » Slow upload/download speed
connection issue -icon » Error 404 
fix icon - repair Internet Connections
fix icon - repair Internet Explorer/Chrome
fix icon - repair Internet Protocol
fix icon - repair Hosts file
fix icon - repair Winsock
fix icon - repair DNS
fix icon - repair Error

Of course not only infections cause such internet connection problems! There are many reasons why this is going to happen. Some of them are third party software issues (it is possible that after an application is uninstalled that during the uninstall process custom made settings cause issues), hardware failures, incorrect Internet settings and much more! In many cases you need to repair Internet Browser as well.

Connectivity Fixer PRO is a handy tool that includes powerful commands to help you solve a wide range of internet connection problems and not only this, Connectivity Fixer PRO monitors your internet connection in real time and detects and repairs common errors automatically.

Fix connectivity issues Download Connectivity Fixer to assist you to repair your internet connection!


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