Revelation Online Lag Fix

Fix lag in Revelation Online via the given instructions! If you experience FPS drop, high latency, stuttering lag, login issues and disconnections, we will guide you trough the most common issues and provide data about the current lag situation for this MMO from & NetEase.


How To Fix Revelation Online Lag?


Revelation Online offers amazing adventures and lets you explore numerous PVP modes and explor a never ending world of ancient mystery. Create your own character, play a Gunslinger, Blademaster, Spiritshaper, Vanguard, Swordmage or Occultist. Fight massive battles with thousends of players for one of the guild strongholds in Nuanor. A game full of Dungeons, Raids & Stories.

To ensure you will get the most fun out of this MMO we will guide you trough some lag problems like FPS drop, login issues, disconnections, high latency, unstable ping and graphics stuttering that occurred after this new released MMO for some players.


 Revelation Online Lag Results

We currently do not have enought data to show you a brakeover of the lag happenings in the game but we will update this article as soon we have some valuable statistics regarding  login issues, disconnections, action lag, graphics lag, fight or pvp lag, UI lag, server lag and world lag.


Player reporting lag in Revelation Online watch on YouTube!



What Can Cause Lag in Revelation Online

1. Computer Performance & System Requirements

2.) Not properly configured system settings, unnecessary system processes, corrupted service, not properly configured internet connection settings.

3.) Go with a wired connection as no gaming tunnel, ping reducer or similar port forwarding service can make the difference up!

4.) Game server location is important choose the server nearest to your location.

5.) Game server suffers from high latency.

6.) ISP provides you with poor service or has temporary technical issues

7.) Game Settings, Operating System Settings, Router Settings

8.) Port-forwarding solutions, game tunnels and game proxies can cause serious problems. Stay away from them!


Lag Fix - Revelation Online


1. Lag can be temporary, stay calm! Don´t panic you will save yourself a lot of stress this way! Wait a day or two.

2. Visit the Revelation Online support website and look out for announcements about game server latency problems.

3. Update your graphics and audio card drivers.

4. Make a speed and ping test to ensure its not your internet connection. You can do that for free here.

5. Ensure your PC or Laptop meets the system requirements.

6. Temporary set all graphics settings in the game menu to lowest.

7. Ask other players if they do lag as well.

8. Ensure that your PC or better said your Operating System doesn't have any issues. Example: Virus infection, not properly configured internet settings, high CPU usage or something similar.

9. Use the Performance Recorder integrated in Latency Optimizer and record your World Of Warships game-play for about 10 - 15 mins. to ensure it is not your CPU, RAM, OS or internet connection that causes the lag problems.

10. Tune & Tweak your PC or Laptop if the lag isn´t gone after 48 hours. Download Latency Optimizer for free here.

11. If Revelation Online still keeps lagging but you are quite sure it is not connected with the mentioned causes and suggestions above, you might want to re-install it.

12. Search trough the knowledgebase for detailed help about lag, latency, ping and fps drop problems!


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