Does Rift lag after updates? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 19.07.2019   15:00

Trion Worlds(™) released a new very promising update (1.9) for Rift(™)! The update is also an extension to the storyline. In the new Rift update Conquest is a new faction that surpass the differences between Guardian and Defiant. The three new factions are Oathsworn, the Dominion and the Nightfall. Trion Worlds also added new features to PVP. You can now earn PvP ranks and armor sets as rewards. Conquest is definitely a reason for you to come back to Rift if you have left it lately!

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The key features of Conquest are:

- Barbershop

- Mentoring

- Instant Adventure: Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, and Stonefield

- New Sliver: Primeval Feast

- Chat now global

- New World Event: Summerfest

For detailed information of Rift Conquest visit:

Rift Conquest lag article

What's about Rift lag issues?


On the first view, we could not find any information about performance improvements of Rift (internet connection and game server related), but there is still hope for all lagging Rift players. Lately, our Rift lag statistics show a slight decrease in Rift lag. Please note that all our statistics are based on Latency Optimizer 4.0 user reports, polls and surveys on Badosoft websites and incoming search terms.

The statistics might not be 100% representative but still giving an overview about ongoing Rift lag. As with all previous versions of Rift, possible game lag is mainly caused on the user's side (YOUR PC & internet connection) and on their ISP's end. Please also note that we assume that the player's PC meets the system requirements!

The game servers of Rift are stable and there is not much that the server admins or developers can do against lag in Rift. If you experience lag in Rift you must understand that about 50% of bad connections and internet gateways (ISP issue), weak signals or bad lines cause Rift to lag.

Roughly, the other 50% of lag causes are player side based: Misconfigured internet connection settings, corrupted TCP/IP protocols, missing or wrong registry entries, third party applications slowing down PC and internet connection performance, malfunctioning system processes and system internals.

It can be said that Rift lag is mainly caused from slow transferd data packages, sent and received failures and synchronization issues. You might read more on our blog about high latency issues…

Will there be login issues and lag in Rift: Conquest?

We are expecting temporary login issues and temporary game lag because of the new Conquest update. This lag and login issues are NORMAL for the first few days! Do not panic!!! The Rift game servers must deal with a huge amount of data and a high load is bound to happen. The best bet is to be patient!

On the other hand, there will always be players that will have login issues and experience Rift Conquest lag or spike lag. But the reasons that cause this are apart from the new update! For those Rift players who experience permanently high latency in Rift, you can read through our blog and download Latency Optimizer to assist you with fixing Rift lag!

For those who experience disconnections (not caused from high latency) you can download Connectivity Fixer.

If you are in the need to troubleshoot your ping and connection speed you can download Speedtest4free which will allow you to save and compare your speed tests and ping results. This comes in very handy when you need to complain to your ISP about a weak signal or line!

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