How to fix Runes of Magic lag problems and latency issues? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 20.09.2019   10:30


With Runes of Magic V & Fires of Shadowforge latency issues decreased. Looking at data players submitted to us and comparing them with data from users of Latency Optimizer, we can say that since Fires of Shadowforge, there has been fewer lagging players than with the former chapters. We conclude that this must be connected with the new global offers of faster and stable internet connection signals and lines of some ISPs. Comparing the ROM lag data with 2011, we see a difference in lag caused by the Runes of Magic game servers as well. Yet there is no online game out there that does not lag for some players.

Important is that before judging the game Runes of Magic itself, we suggest that lagging players first understand the various reasons that could influence Runes of Magic lag or high latency in ROM.

High latency and lag in Runes of Magic

Technically, high latency is caused by the delay or losses of data packages sent and received from your computer. High latency can be caused from slow performing systems and hardware but 90% the internet connection and related settings and processes plays a major role!

While playing Runes of Magic, the game server and your computer communicate with each other via data packages. Game data is synchronized sent and received via your internet connection.

If your ping is high in Runes of Magic, it's very likely that high latency will be caused! The process of sending and receiving packages can be optimized in many situations.

But be aware that there are also enough situations where the latency is not optimized on your end!

In any case you as a Runes of Magic player should always be aware that YOUR END is working properly before blaming Runes of Magic or your ISP!

Runes of Magic V - Fires of Shadowforge


Why does Runes of Magic lag?

Generally, there are tons and tons of reasons that could attribute to Runes of Magic lag. Note that there are only a few that are caused by Runes of Magic itself and that these mostly affect all players or players on specific servers. Lag caused on Runes of Magic is mainly temporary. Be patient is the best advice!

*On the other hand, most of the Runes of Magic lag or high latency issues are caused on the player's side or on the ISP's side!

ROM alert icon
- If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements, graphics card driver, motherboard driver, audio card driver and network card driver are not regularly updated.

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- If your system memory is low or there are other causes of a slow performing system like missing or wrong registry settings, corrupted system processes, third party software applications using too much system resources.

ROM alert icon
- If your CPU usage is high because of infections, third party software applications or misconfigured system internals.

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- If your Internet connection settings are wrongly configured, the TCP/IP protocol is corrupted and or there are malfunctioning processes related to your internet connection.

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- Lack of periodic system maintenance.

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- Your router or modem needs a firmware update or driver update. Some routers and modems require special settings for individual games.

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- A weak signal or bad line provided by your Internet Service Provider.

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- High ping on the game server because of internet gateway issues.

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- Technical issues on the ISP's side or oversold bandwidth.

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- Runes of Magic's game servers are under maintenance, getting high load or are under attack.

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- New updates and patches are causing temporary ROM lag or high latency.

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- Other trivial reasons that may be causing high latency in Runes of Magic!

Runes of Magic fight screen

How to fix Runes of Magic lag?

- Fix Runes of Magic lag or reduce high latency in ROM caused on YOUR end (computer, system, internet connection settings, protocols, registry settings, system internals) with the help of Latency Optimizer 4.0.



In case of infections we strongly recommend that you scan your system periodically with different scanners. Also, a very handy tool to troubleshoot issues is Hijackthis.

- Fix Runes of Magic lag or reduce high latency in ROM caused by your ISP with the help of Speedtest4free. Save and compare your speed and ping test results for later analysis and compare them with other users of the same ISP. After you have exact data you can request that your ISP look deeper into the issue or change the ISP if it is obvious that he cannot or does not want to fix lag issues caused on his end.

- In the case that lag or high latency in Runes of Magic is caused from game servers or from in-game mechanics, there is nothing much that you can do on your end. Looking from time to time in the forum section of Runes of Magic is recommended.

* Source & copyright of game media used: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH

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