Secret World Legends - Lag Fix (UPDATED)

UPDATED 30.07.2019   16:00

Secret World Legends step by step instructions to fix lag, high latency, ping and FPS problems. Follow the 9-step guide to troubleshoot and test possible lag causes at your end.

2019: Whats new?

Over the past month developers have worked on keeping the servers stable with weekly maintenance. asaid from that many new events have been organised, make sure to check them out here!

"It's alive! Secret World Legends turns TWO! Read more about the ongoing festivities and community initiatives this year!" - Official TSW Twitter June 18th.

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Fix Ping, Latency & FPS Problems In Secret World Legends


Step 1:  Double check if your Computer or laptop meets the system requirements of Secret World Legends.


Step 2: Update graphics, audio and network devices drivers.


Step 3: Lower graphics and video settings in the game menu to lowest or minimum for testing purpose.


Step 4: Disable Shadows, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Dynamic Reflections, Super Sampling (SSAA).


Step 5: Record your Secret World Legends game play with the Performance Recorder included in Latency Optimizer (download here).


Step 6: Verify that there are no CPU, RAM, HDD and Windows services or processes abnormalities in the log file.


Step 7: Make a speed test, ping test and latency test.


Step 8: Tune and tweak your Windows and internet connection settings to improve performance.


Step 9: Read this article to get more help by fixing lag in Secret World Legends.


Software That Helps To Analyze And Fix Lag In Secret World Legends


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