How to troubleshoot WOW lag, ping and latency issues?

Every time Blizzard comes up with a new patch or expansion for World of Warcraft, one or the other WOW player might experience lag or high latency. Login problems, updating processes stopped or even disconnects are normal site effects when a new WOW patch or new WOW expansion gets rolled out!


This article will guide you on how to troubleshoot World of Warcraft lag and suggest to you solutions on how to reduce latency, fix lag, troubleshoot login problems and disconnects in WOW.


Why does World of Warcraft lag after a new patch or expansion?

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wow info Overloaded World of Warcraft login server
wow info High latency caused by WOW game server
wow info Custom WOW game settings are reset
wow info Corrupted WOW character profile
wow info Corrupted WOW launcher
wow info Hardware issues causing WOW lag
wow info WOW system requirements changed
wow info Internet connection speed too slow for WOW
wow info Too slow performing computer for WOW
wow info Too slow performing operating system for WOW
wow info Misconfigured router or modem causing WOW lag
wow info Technical issues with your ISP causing WOW lag
wow info Too many or outdated WOW Add-ons
wow info Firewall, antivirus scanner and other security applications slowing down or blocking WOW
wow info Too many 3rd party applications interfering with the internet connection
wow info Irregularly updated drivers and firmware of graphics cards, audio cards, routers or modems
wow info Virus, spyware, adware, Trojan, worm and other malware infections
wow info Winsock, IP and DNS issues



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How to fix World of Warcraft lag after the new patch or expansion?


Solution for overloaded World of Warcraft login server

Usually the first few hours or max first day after a new Wow patch or expansion goes live, players experience login issues. Most of the time, those login issues are game server related, which means that one or the other Wow game server has a high load.

The best bet is to give the login server some time to handle all the requests and try it every 30 minutes!

If you permanently can't login to WOW you might want to try out this:
Login to another game server to see if the login problem still occurs. Reading or posting in the official WOW forum usually will give clearance as well. If the login problem just occurs for YOU, you might want to clear your WOW cache folder and reset your WOW character profile.

Important: Always make a backup of the original files before manipulating them or deleting them!!!

Solution for high latency caused by WOW game server

Every new patch Blizzard is rolling out must be applied by millions of players. It should be clear to every WOW player that this process is very heavy for the updating server and the game server as well. Be patient and check the server status from time to time. If you can, try to play on another server to see if high latency is present there as well!

If you permanently experience high latency in WOW, you might want to download Latency Optimizer from our website, because permanently high latency in WOW is usually caused on you or your ISP's end!

Solution if your custom WOW game settings are lost and fps is low

Every serious WOW player makes a backup of his custom WOW game settings at least once a week! If you previously changed the game settings to increase fps but now after the patch it's gone and your fps is low, you will need to adjust all those settings again!

Solution for corrupted WOW character profile, cache and retrieving information

To fully clear your NPC scan cache delete:
World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb
World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUSpccache.wdb

Deleting these 2 folders can help you with many issues in WOW:

1. World of Warcraft\WTF
2. World of Warcraft\Addons (!)

Ad 1. The WTF folder will be automatically updated with the next successful login
Ad 2. There are many add-ons out there that will cause issues, especially after a new WOW patch.

(!) Important: You will need to reinstall all your add-ons after deleting the World of Warcraft\Addons folder!!! Don't forget to install the most up-to-date versions!

Solution for corrupted WOW launcher

If your WOW launcher is corrupted you will need to locate and open your World of Warcraft folder. If you see any of the folders below, then delete them. Now run the WOW Launcher again.

- Temp folder
- Updates folder
- Launcher.patch.exe

You can also try to delete your WTF folder or right-click on your World of Warcraft icon (usually on your desktop) - Properties - Shortcut - Change the "Destination" instead of launcher Type: Wow.exe.
Then Go to: C: / Programs x86 / Common files / Blizzard Entertainment / World of Warcraft (2)
There you will find an XML File named " Uninstall ". Rename it to: Uninstall.old
Now start WOW again!

Solution for hardware issues that cause WOW lag

1. RAM
In order to find out if your RAM sticks are corrupted you can test them with

2. Processor
f your CPU usage is high, one of the main hardware issues (there are tons of software issues) is dust on the CPU ventilator!
3. Graphics Card
Troubleshooting graphics card issues is not that easy and can be very time consuming! The fastest way to troubleshoot a possible issue is to use the integrated graphics card test (included in most of leading graphics cards software packages) or to temporarily plug another graphics card into the motherboard slot. Note that you should disable your onboard graphics card if you use a slot card.
4. Audio Card
Issues with audio cards are in most of the cases not connected with sound issues. Well of course if you don't hear anything in the game it's obviously that your audio card has issues. But there are many situations where a malfunctioning audio card causes problems but you still hear sound. The best way to troubleshoot this is to plug in another audio card for a test!
5. Mouse
The well-known slow, stopping, lagging mouse cursor when you start a game or while playing is in most cases not caused by your mouse. It's caused rather by your CPU or graphics card! Mouse incompatibility may also be present. And if your mouse doesn't work, just plug in a new one.
6. Router/Modem
As WOW is an online game, a malfunctioning router or modem will cause a big headache! Sometimes it's an improperly plugged in wire, not enough electricity, unstable electricity, wrong position of a wireless router and tons of other reasons. We wrote a very good article on our blog, helping you to fix slowly internet connections. There you will find a section on how to troubleshoot routers and modems!

Solution for WOW system requirements changed

Before applying a new WOW patch, we recommend that you read the patch notes on the World of Warcraft website. System requirements might change with a new patch and if your computer doesn't meet them, WOW won't work or it might lag!

Solution for slow internet connection speed for WOW

If your internet connection speed is too slow, WOW will most likely lag! Especially in PVP or in instances where your internet connection cannot handle all the information sent and received from your computer or the WOW game server!

You can get a free download of Speedtest4free from our website to test your internet connection speed and ping. Latency Optimizer will also assist you in speeding up your internet connection and boosting your PC, besides helping you to reduce latency and fix lag!

Solution for a slow performing computer for WOW

If your computer is performing too slowly to play WOW you will need to upgrade the major hardware parts to meet the system requirements. If you are sure that your computer meets the WOW system requirements but is still performing too slowly and causes WOW to lag, then you should check if some of your hardware parts are malfunctioning (see: F. Solution by hardware issues causing WOW lag).

Sometimes a computer that performs slowly is caused by a slow performing operating system and related settings. Also, many WOW players misinterpret lag issues. In most cases, WOW lag is caused by a slow performing or misconfigured internet connection and related settings.

Solution by too slow performing Operating System for WOW

Download Latency Optimizer or buy Latency Optimizer from our website!

Latency Optimizer will allow you to apply up to 45 tweaks & tunes to your PC and internet connection. Furthermore, it includes a speed test, ping test and latency test besides a system cleaner, disk cleaner and startup manager. Furthermore, a RAM optimizer and connection repair utility are included.

Solution for a misconfigured router or modem that causes WOW lag

A short interruption of the power supply can cause the software running on your router or modem to get corrupted which would lead to no or slow Internet. Sometimes you might have just got a tip from a friend or you have found an interesting article on how to tweak a router but the tip or tweak might not work for your router or modem type and finally you did more harm to your internet connection than good.

If you have a backup of your router and modem settings available you can try to load it to solve the issue. If this doesn't help you might want to reset all settings to factory default. But before doing this, please be sure that you know what kind of settings your ISP requires to provide you with a fully functional internet connection.

Also, be aware that you will need your username and password to connect to your ISP and in some cases you will even need the username and password of the router or modem as well. Most of the ISP's provide an FAQ on how to reset a router or modem.

Some routers or modems have active traffic filters applied in the settings. Filters can be very useful but they can also cause your internet connection to perform slowly. To find out more about filters that might be installed on your modem or router, please read the manual of your router or modem and or check the manufacturers or ISP's website.

Solution for technical issues from your ISP that cause WOW lag

Visit the support website or forum of your ISP. Look for an announcements or technical issues which could cause a slow internet connection. Being up to date with the service status of your ISP can save you many headaches. Use Twitter to follow or sign up to the RSS feeds of your ISP. While troubleshooting a slow internet connection, sometimes a simple phone call or email to your ISP can save you a lot of time. Usually a slow Internet caused by your ISP is just temporary.

The primary infrastructure with a lot of Internet users can cause the speed of the Internet to slow down. More users in the same area using the Internet at the same time will lower the total available bandwidth your ISP offers to their clients in that same area. This can especially happen during the rush hours where many users are connecting to the Internet at the same time. When these users are uploading and downloading huge amounts of data this causes your Internet to slow down.

To solve this issue, your ISP would need to invest more in the local infrastructure, which is rarely going to happen if not more than an xxx% of users complain to the ISP. You can use some of Latency Optimizer's tools or download Speedtest4free to monitor your internet connection and send a report to your ISP which will prove the performance issues you experience.

Don't be shy and talk to your neighbors or friends and see if they experience the same issue. You can confront your ISP with the situation that you are not satisfied with the service you're paying for and getting! In some cases your ISP will send a technician to your place and that person will measure the line or signal quality and might make some adjustments to provide you with a faster internet connection.

Solution for too many or outdated WOW add-ons

Having too many WOW add-ons installed or having some outdated add-ons in use can cause heavy lag in WOW. Sometimes it will even disconnect you from WOW or won't let you login. We suggest keeping the amount of WOW add-ons at the min. really needed and periodically check the add-on's developer websites for updates, especially after a new WOW patch or expansion rolls out!

Solution for firewalls, antivirus scanners and other security applications slowing down or blocking WOW

None of us is safe! No matter what kind of virus & co-scanner you use, there is no 100% guarantee that one day your computer will not be infected. Developers of virus & co-scanners are trying their best to help you secure your computer. Still, infections just happen. New viruses, worms, spyware, adware, Trojan and root-kits pop up on a daily basis. There exists a large amount of harmful infections that will slow down your internet connection or cause your internet connection to not work at all. This can happen even after the infection was successfully cured/cleaned.

It is mandatory for every computer user to have a proper virus & co scanner installed!
If you successfully cured/cleaned an infection but your internet connection still performs slow or doesn't work at all:

» Visit the support website of your virus & co scanner to get detailed information
» Try to manually repair your Internet connection
» Setup a new internet connection

Download Connectivity Fixer or buy Connectivity Fixer PRO

Solution for too many 3rd party applications interfering with the internet connection

Having a firewall installed (don't forget to make an exception for WOW) can help to restrict 3rd party applications to connect and communicate over the Internet. It is also wise to use Latency Optimizer's Start-up Manager to see what kind of applications are starting with Windows without your knowledge!

Solution for irregularly updated drivers and firmware of graphics cards, audio cards, routers or modems that cause WOW lag

Most of the mentioned hardware parts update their drivers when you update your operating system. For those parts that are not commonly used or not updated with your operating system you would need to check the developer's website if no auto update is integrated! Some WOW players might want to try out driver update applications that will automatically check for the new drivers of ALL your hardware parts.

Solution for virus, spyware, adware, Trojan, worm and other malware infections

Never rely only on one anti-virus scanner! A serious online gamer has a set of security applications installed on his computer and also knows how to use them and most importantly does use them! We recommend Ccleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, HijackThis, 1 firewall, a daily used virus-scanner and a back-up virus-scanner. All in one solutions might be comfortable but have many disadvantages as well. We recommend using specialized applications!

Solution by Winsock, IP and DNS issues

Download Connectivity Fixer or buy Connectivity Fixer PRO from our Website!
Latency Optimizer 3.0 can assist you to fix WOW lag, reduce high latency and lower high ping!

» Reduce high latency - Fix lag by online games and online application.
» Improve your up and download speed
» Balance your System Memory
» Get rid of unwanted Files what slows down your PC performance.
» Speed up your surfing experience
» Measure your up and download speed
» Test your latency

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