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Topic of this article: “Sound Lag

The meaning of “sound lag”

The term “sound lag” is commonly used by gamer if:

a.) Game music is lagging
b.) Ambient sound is lagging
c.) Character voice is lagging
d.) Gamer voice in VOIP is lagging
e.) Game audio effects lag
f.) Game interface sound lags

Other terms used or connected to sound lag: sound lags, sound is lagging, sound is laggy, stuttering sound, music lags, music is laggy, bad sound, low sound, noisy sound, you lag – referring to VoIP like skype, teamspeak and similar apps, audio is lagging, audio stuttering, bad audio

Why sound can lag?

a.) The audio was badly recorded at first place
b.) Hardware issues by the sound card
c.) Old, missing or wrong sound card driver
d.) Wrong sound settings
e.) Sound card doesn't meet the system requirements
f.) Bad line or weak internet signal
g.) Internet Bandwidth issues
h.) The server that hosts the audio is lagging (server lag)
I.) Wrong in-game settings (audio settings)
j.) Speaker or Headset lags (Input lag)

How to fix sound lag

Solution A
- Restart the game and/or restart the computer or laptop

Solution B
- Adjust the in-game sound settings to lowest

Solution C
- Update to the newest sound card driver or roll-back to the previous version if the lag starts after a new update

Solution D
- Disconnect and reconnect from the internet if the audio is online based

Solution E
- Stop running downloads to free more bandwidth capacity

Solution F
- Check the cable that connects the speakers or Headset with the sound card

Solution G
- Try to listen to the audio on another computer or laptop and see if it lags there as well

Solution H
- Change the settings of the sound card to high performance and disable sound effects

Solution H
- Adjust the system settings of the OS accordingly to achieve best audio playback results


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