How to measure your Internet connection speed? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 02.07.2019   15:14

Internet is almost a necessity for everyone! Having a fast and reliable internet connection is important for a lot of people. However, many people complain that their internet connection is very slow. These people obviously need a really fast internet connection but most of these people constantly look for different internet connections and try to compare the connections to get the best possible internet speed. This takes a lot of time and effort. Some people prefer downloading applications for checking the internet speed which is a really unefficient way of conducting a speed test.

The reason is that different sites have different people coming and downloading applications or files and different sites have a different number of servers available for downloading. Therefore, even if two people are using the EXACT same connection, the results are going to be different for each individual. The downloading depends upon the servers that are free and depends upon the traffic on the site. People constantly look for a simpler and easier way to overcome this problem and to test their internet connection speed. A Speed test is a test regarding the performance of your Internet connection.

The speed test of Latency Optimizer 4 and Speedtest4free is designed to test the speed of various internet connections and the results are highly accurate and reliable. So, an individual needs to think beyond the most common way of testing, i.e. downloading files which, again, is a really poor way of testing the connection.

Newest FREE version of Latency Optimizer offers the easily accessible unser interface that has an options that enables you to test your upload and download network speed. Modem/router that gives your computer and other mobile devices a connection to internet is in fact a tiny processing unit, so on account of that, restarting it offently will help you achive better connection, since the data tends to accumulate. Latency Optimizer 4 helps you get rid of unnecessary files and programs that abuse internet connection for unknown reasons.

There are many reasons why your internet connection appears slow, but your speed test acts normal, as if nothing is wrong. To better understand this, problem can vary from cable singal strenght, Wi-Fi signal strenght, devices or software applications on your local home network saturating your bandwidth or even a slow DNS server. 

A good internet speed would be considered anything above 25 Mgbps, it is capable of most online activity such as HD movie streaming, online video gaming, web browsing and music downloading.


The way most these services work is by testing your Bandwidth speed.

You can test it by downloading and uploading files from Badosoft servers, which are designed to have maximum traffic and servers, and then display the overall result of the connection as well as focusing on specific parts of the connection. So this way the test gets the maximum speed that the internet can download and upload on as the number of servers is huge which is designed to have a lot of internet traffic. This way your internet connection will work on the highest speed that it can generate. They main plus point is that most of these services are free and you can easily test the speed of your connection.

A speed test is included in Latency Optimizer free version and you can allso visit Speedtest4free!

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