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UPDATED: 05.07.2019   14:25

Today, dial up connection has become more of a conventional term while high speed internet connection is becoming popular amongst the people across the globe. If you have been using an internet connection at home, you probably know that you almost never get the speed that you pay for. The service providers will inform you about the maximum speed of upload and download on your network.

Nevertheless, you will hardly be able to see the same when it comes to results. In fact, it is almost next to impossible to get that good speed permanently as it depens on many factors. One may even try and do a bandwidth speed test to find the network speed. You can complain to your internet service provider, if the network speed is consistently slow and get it fixed simultaneously.


There are some determining factors as far as the network speed is concerned. However, there can be many other factors resulting in slow or fast internet speed: the ethernet cable length, the place your wireless router stands, the model of your modem or router, and the time of logging in, the state of your Operating System, how the network settings are configured and of course the bandwidth speed you order by your ISP (Internet service provider) are some of the common factors that determine the network speed. A speed test will help you find out if your service provider is delivering the connection speed that you are paying for. Let us find out how a speed test works A speed test can be easily taken on speed test facebook and allow users to do the same in a simple manner.

Some people claim that HTML5-based speed tests are more accurate then test that use Java and Adobe Flash. Other say that multithread tests such as those used by Ookla don't represent real-world network traffic as good as single-thread tests.

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An internet connection with larger bandwidth can move a set amount of data much faster then an internet connection with a low bandwidth. Bandwidth is typicaly expressed in bits per second (e.g. 50 Mgps).

The process involves a host computer that receives a packet of data from your system. The data received is in turn returned to your system after sometime. The total time taken by the packet data will determine the upload speed and download speed of your internet. You will be able to track the results of the speed test from a number of computers. Speedtest4free at Facebook is not just a funny application it is further more a relaible speed test to find out how fast are you on Facebook. The integrated professional speed test in Latency Optimizer 4.0 will allow you to create Speed Waves. You will even be able to manage your test history.

A professional free speed test is also included in Latency Optimizer free version!

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