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UPDATED: 20.09.2019   10:00

If your web browser seems to be slow, downloads or uploads take ages, or you noticed that your internet connection is laggy while using VoIP, playing online games or just surfing around the net, then you will need Speedtest4free.

It is one thing to do a fast web browser based speed test to get a summary of connection speed overtime than to have issues with your internet connection speed or ping and need to troubleshoot the issue over a longer period of time.

How to do a speed and ping test?

If your internet connection seems to be slow, there are tons of reasons that could cause this but first of all you need to be sure that this is not temporary.

We suggest doing the speed and ping test frequently and at different times over a period of a minimum of 3 days and save all results via the Speedtest4free interface. Once you have collected important data about your connection speed and ping, you can compare the saved results with other users using the same ISP (if available in the database) to get a clearer idea of where your internet connection speed and ping stands.

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Create your own speed test server!

Speedtest4free offers a special feature where you can create your own speed test server and share it with users around the globe. Making a speed test server is appreciated by the community and will enable you to collect important data about the speed of your test server as well!

My speed and ping test shows bad results!

Once you are sure that the speed of your internet connection isn't that fast and the ping isn't that stable (low) as it should be regarding your ISP specification of the line or signal you have ordered, you can contact your ISP and present the data you have got from Speedtest4free.

Note that the distance of test servers do play a role while measuring the speed of your internet connection. Some speed test providers or developers swear that you need to do the speed or ping test by choosing the nearest test server to your location, but the question from us is: When do you surf on websites, upload or download, watch videos, listen to streaming music, make a VoIP call or play an online game on a server next to your location? We believe that the speed test results from Speedtest4free are more appropriate and realistic while choosing a test server not located in your surroundings.

The ping test and distance!

Especially when it comes to testing your ping, we suggest that you test it via a server that is located further because the result will be more realistic and praxis oriented! We believe that when you ordered your internet speed package from your ISP you weren't thinking about surfing in your country or area only. Were you?

One of the biggest issues an ISP can have is if the connections to various internet gateways around the globe are bad. But is this the customer's fault? Does this allow an ISP to not fulfill the service he needs to provide you, as you are paying for it?

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