How to speed up my internet connection? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 09.07.2019   18:30

Speed up Internet connection will help you to get better performance by online games, internet telephony, Social Networks, online applications: like real-time stock market, auctions and online office applications. To speed up your Internet connection is highly recommended if you need the Internet for your work, study, hobby, to watch online movies and listen to streaming audio or just to communicate with your friends or family.

Many Internet users experience that the Internet connection they currently use became slower over time. Lagging online games, VoIP services, video and audio transmissions are frustrating. If you experience that your Internet connection is getting slower and slower and lags on daily basis, then you need to speed up your Internet.

How to speed up your Internet connection?

Speed up Internet via Hardware

You can speed up your Internet connection to some degree if you buy a more quality router, modem, hub or USB Network Adapter and/or a faster LAN card. Especial when it comes to satellite Internet the quality of the Hardware used does really matter.

You might also want to buy a signal booster if you can't receive a strong enough signal. Lately there are hubs available on the market that promise to speed up your Internet connection.

We cannot give you information on how reliable such Hardware extension are but as always if you are interested in upgrading your Hardware we recommend to google for reviews made by real users before purchasing it.

Speed up Internet via your Internet Service Provider

It is very common that Internet user experience their connection speed decreasing at specific times during the day.

If your Internet connection is almost every day slower at the same time then it is most likely that the Bandwidth your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is giving in your area is shared by to many users. In such a situation you can contact your ISP and let him know about your concerns.

The chance that your ISP will increase the bandwidth limit in your area during the rush hours, might be very small as it is connected with more costs for your ISP, but as more users will complain the more your ISP will need to fix the issue.

In any case contacting your ISP when you experience a performance loss over a few days period is recommended. Sometimes your ISP might only have some maintenance going on or updated his system.

Your ISP has a couple of ways to speed up the Internet. This can be done if you sign up for a faster service package, ask for help with forwarding some ports or assist you with tweaking your router or modem to name a few.

But please note that if the decrease of your internet connection is caused by your computer then your ISP might not be able to assist you at all. Therefore we highly recommend that you watch your end!!!

Speed up Internet with Tweaks & Tunes

An internet connection can be slow because of several reasons. As already mentioned, the hardware, ISP, server side or the user's computer can cause slow internet connection speeds.

To speed up a slow Internet connection you can tweak & fine-tune your operating system, including protocols, internet connection settings, processes and registry setting to name a few of them.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 provides you with easy one-click tweaks & fine-tunings to speed up Internet. Furthermore, Latency Optimizer gives you the possibility in the advanced mode to let you deep tweak & fine-tune your internet connection. More than 45 tweaks & fine-tunings with descriptions are available to speed up your internet connection!

Speed up Internet via a faster performing computer

Sometimes all the effort you put in to letting your internet connection perform faster doesn't work out because your computer or your operating system doesn't perform fast enough to have your data received or sent quickly enough.

A slow performing operating system can even cause your online experience to lag (high latency).

In order to speed up the Internet successfully you will need to maintain your hard disk(s), startup applications, registry settings, temp files and folders, MRUs and much more. Note that your system RAM also affects the performance of your computer.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 comes with most of the necessary system maintenance tools to assist you to boost your computer to speed up your internet.

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