How to speed up TeamSpeak when it is performing slowly?

TeamSpeak is one of the best and most used VoIP programs out there. No matter if you play online games like WOW, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield, LOL, Runes of Magic or one of the famous browser games like Travian, Mafia, RuneScape or use it in your company to communicate with clients and talk about business or give live support. TeamSpeak lets the user mass voice-chat in high quality and with fast performance. As with every online based service or VoIP service, TeamSpeak can perform slowly for some of its users. High latency and lag are in 90% of the cases not caused by TeamSpeak!!!

If TeamSpeak is slow for you, lags or suffers from high latency you should read forward …

Why Teamspeak lags or is slow for some of its users?

TeamSpeak is one of the fastest VoIP apps available and it's free of charge for Windows, Mac and Linux users! In most of the cases, if TeamSpeak lags or performs slowly the issues are with the user's PC or the ISP! It is almost a waste of time to search for the issue through TeamSpeak. So how is it possible that some TeamSpeak users lag, get high latency or performance issues?


Teamspeak lag issues alert A. Slow TeamSpeak caused by VoIP server
Teamspeak lag issues alert B. Slow TeamSpeak caused by your ISP
Teamspeak lag issues alert C. Slow TeamSpeak caused by your computer

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Bad/Weak lines and signals of ISPs cause slow or lagging TeamSpeak!

Slow or lagging TeamSpeak caused by weak and bad lines or signals of your ISP is very frustrating and you as a VoIP user cannot do much to get rid of this issue as it can only be fixed by your ISP. In some cases these issues are just temporary, caused by maintenance work or technical issues. If you experience slow or lagging TeamSpeak caused by a slow performing or lagging internet connection over a longer period of time (e.g. 3 days & 1 week) you will need to take action! In order to have evidence and confront your ISP with the slow internet connection speed or lag issues you should first troubleshoot your internet connection and do a speed and ping test with Speedtest4free (download here). After you have done a couple of tests at different times of the day and over a period of 2 & 3 days you should analyze all your saved speed and ping test results in your free Badosoft account and contact your ISP if necessary!

When your computer causes slow or lagging TeamSpeak!
Registry settings, corrupted internet connection settings, operating systems, software or 3rd party applications, processes, IP, Winsock, DNS issues, infections like viruses, worms, spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, root kits and many other reasons can cause TeamSpeak to perform slowly or lag. In some cases it can even spike lag.

The first step is to always check your hardware first (cables, signal strength, network card and router or modem, RAM and processor). You can get help here: If your hardware is OK then the real hard job starts, as you will need to figure out what else can cause slow TeamSpeak performance, lag or high latency!

How to speed up TeamSpeak and fix lag issues in TeamSpeak?

suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 1. Upgrade your hardware to the TeamSpeak system requirements if your PC doesn't meet them. suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 7. Check your router or modem settings if you will need to make adjustments for TeamSpeak. Study the manual or contact your ISP for help.
suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 2. Replace malfunctioning hardware parts like wires, cards, RAM, microphone, ... suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 8. Visits the TeamSpeak FAQ or Support Forum from time to time and check for announcements and extra help.
suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 3. Update drivers and firmware of router/modem, graphic card, audio card and so on… suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 9. Do regularly System Maintenance with Latency Optimizer (here).
suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 4. Tweak & Tune your internet connection and Operating System with Latency Optimizer! suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 10. Apply one of the 3 modes of Latency Optimizer to tune your Internet connection settings, protocols and processes.
suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 5. Troubleshoot your internet connection. Do a speed test, ping test (Speedtest4free) and latency test (Latency Optimizer). suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 11. Periodically scan your system for virus & co infections with different tools (do not rely on only 1 scanner).
suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon 6. Contact your ISP if TemSpeak keeps performing slow or lags and you have evidence via Speedtest4free. suggestions to fix teamspeak lag icon Check your firewall and virus-scanner settings on best uses!

In order to speed up TeamSpeak, fix lag and high latency you as a user need to watch YOUR end (hardware, internet connection, operating system). There are tons and tons of reasons that could cause temporary or permanent performance loss, lag or high latency in TeamSpeak.

To be on the safe side, do all you can do on YOUR end! More than 60% of slowly performing VoIP services are caused on the user's end! It is not the VoIP server, VoIP application or the ISP!


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