StarCraft Lag Fix - Remastered & Starcraft II (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 1.08.2019   9:00

Explanation & fixes for high latency, ping problems, FPS drop and general lag issues in Starcraft, Starcraft Remastered and StarCraft II fast and efficient. We will guide you trough various possibilities to fix lag in one of the most addictive clan based FPS out there.


Ten Steps To Fix StarCraft Lag

1. Adjust game client and graphics settings to lowest for testing purpose. Note that the remastered is playable in HD quality.

2. Update graphics cad driver or try to play it in compatibility mode. Or try this: Go to the game folder, look for the .cfg (configuration file) and adjust frameratecap=60 (value between 20 - 60 for testing)
frameratecapGlue=60 (30 - 60, you can try 120 or high but no guarantee higher values will actually work).

3. Massive battles are not only intensive to you internet connection, they are also CPU heavy no matter the games system requirements are relatively low!

4. Switch from WiFi or GSM connection to wired connection for multiplayer.

5. Download Latency Optimizer to test and fix AVA lag issues caused by your operating system, RAM, CPU or internet connection.

6. Record your StarCraft game-play with "Performance Recorder" and read the log file for clues of lag causes at your end.

7. Check for game server lag  or patch updates announcements here and here.

8. If game server lag is the cause you will need to wait till its fixed! There is nothing you can do at your end.

9. Check your security software like firewall, virus-scanner and co if they interfere with your internet connection or harm your Computer´s performance. Choose gamer friendly security software!

10. Read this article for more fixes.


Starcraft Performance Fix Guide:


1. If you are on Windows 10, please disable the Game DVR (Please also disable GameBar and GameMode functions if you are on the Creators Build)

2. Disable Nvidia Overlay. It is on by default so even if you do not use it, check to make sure it is off.

3. Try running your system in selective startup mode.

StarCaft vs. StarCraft remasterd



StarCraft Lag Test And Fix Software


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