The Best Solution for Maintaining a Stable Internet Connection

Internet connectivity problems are some of the most frustrating issues to plague users of computers, mobile phones and tablets, and anything that connects to the worldwide web via Wi-Fi or data.

Connectivity issues have become even more of a problem now that everyone has transitioned to working and studying from home under quarantine orders.

Sluggish Broadband connections have impacted many large western metropolitans, so, with all these factors at play, you may have noticed that you’re getting kicked from servers more often or that queue waiting times have gotten longer.

To solve your internet problems both now and in the future, you need reliable software to keep you connected and functioning at top speeds. You need Connectivity Fixer.

What is Connectivity Fixer?

Connectivity Fixer PRO is a revolutionary type of software that is designed to provide solutions to some of the most common connectivity-related problems that you may face with your internet connection. Made by Badosoft, this technology will help you with one of the most (unfortunately) well-known issues, the infamous “Limited or no connectivity” error. This issue can most often be attributed to a corrupted IP or Winsock (this is mainly what the connectivity fix addresses: IP fix and Winsock repair).  

This program can also be used for the following tasks:

·     Flush DNS Resolver cache

·     Reset Windows Firewall

·     Repair Internet Explorer

·     Restore Hosts file

·     Clean IE Cache

All these applications of Connectivity Fixer PRO will allow you to boost the performance of your web browser like never before.

How Connectivity Fixer Will Help Your Internet Speed and Connection

Recent events have made increased numbers of people reliant on the internet than many could have foreseen. Approximately 76% of Americans have been depending on email or other messaging services to communicate with colleagues and loved ones.

Additionally, whether they are playing online or watching streamers, online gaming activity has boomed during this time as well.

This is evidenced by a 50% increase in audience watch time on Twitch between March and April, and a 75% increase in game usage back in mid-March.

Now is one of the most inopportune times for connectivity speeds to be slowed or halted altogether.

With Connectivity Fixer PRO, you do not have to struggle with significant interruptions to internet activity anymore. The three service types this software provides are:

·     Fixing. Connection problems will be diagnosed and resolved using advanced tools and mechanisms. Multiple fixes will be run until your problem is solved.

·     Monitor. The software is equipped with an integrated Connection Monitor to automatically detect a device’s or system’s need for connectivity repair.

·     Stay online. Disconnections will be promptly diagnosed, and Connectivity Fixer will automatically follow up diagnoses by repairing your internet connection.

For the remainder of quarantine and forever on, you are no longer expected to be complacent with suboptimal internet connections. Download the Badosoft Connectivity Fixer PRO to get your connection back on track, so you can get back to your virtual workspace, and even better, your games!

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