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Topic of this article: “User Interface Lag”  (UI Lag)

The meaning of  User Interface Lag

The term “user interface lag” is commonly used by gamer if:

1.) Certain actions in the User interface get process with a notable delay.
1.1 Moving of an item is delayed 1.2 Applying a skill is delayed
1.3 Changing, moving or using of character equipment is delayed
1.4 ...

Other terms used or connected to user interface lag: user interface lags, user interface lagging, user interface laggy, UI lag, UI lagging, UI laggy, UI lags

Why user interface lag happens?

a.) Game server lag
b.) Lagging internet connection
c.) Outdated or malfunctioning game addons, maps or plug-ins, macros or bots
d.) Graphics card issues (see graphics lag)
e.) High CPU or RAM usage
f.) Wrongly configured UI, video or graphics settings in the game

How to fix user interface lag

Solution A
- If game server lag is responsible for the delay in the UI there is nothing much that can be done at the gamer side. Try to choose another server if possible and see if the lag persists. Check the official game support website for any clues or ATM until the server lag will be solved. Note: A big amount of lagging players on a game server can cause “game server lag” this phenomenon is actually no caused by the game server gateways and/or Internet connection rather by the game server mechanic.

Solution B
- Troubleshoot your internet connection and if necessary the router (check the knowledge-base of this website on how to do that). Tweak and tune your internet connection if the lag occurs more often. Verify that all router and OS settings are proper set. Google for latency optimization apps to assist you.

Solution C
- Change the settings of your graphics card to “best performance”.

Solution D
- Check if all installed addons, macros, maps, bots and similar are properly updated and/or temporary disable all and see if the UI lag persists. It is very common that especially addons can cause UI lag on fist place!

Solution E
- Open the task manager to get an overview of all running apps and services that extensively consume CPU or RAM. Sort the list by RAM and CPU usage and troubleshoot trough it. Stop apps and services that are not essential to keep your OS up.

Solution F
- Almost every online game has a support section on its website. Search for clues on how to troubleshoot specific game settings that can cause UI lag.

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