How to improve latency!

High latency can refer to the process of experiencing slower than usual response from an online game or a VOIP call when you are pressing action buttons, trying to move the mouse or joystick, try to move a character, have problems to understand the incoming call, the video transmission and much more. The latency is likely to be more than usual because there is a remote location for these online services from your location via an online service server or data center. There are different technologies used today to keep a low latency level.

Why you can experience high latency?    

There is a technology that has been designed for keeping the latency levels low, to a point where players would not even notice the same and a stage where they will experience no latency at all. However, there are some players that find the present latency levels to be absolutely unacceptable. With latest developments in the field of reducing latency in online activity like video games and VoIP, it is important to decide on acceptable limits of the online service and the only way to do it is to be able to give a try to some of the latest services that are now available.

To know whether you are having high latency or not

you must have a fair amount of knowledge about the game, application or online service you are trying to use. High latency actually defines the latency reading in online service, which is above the normal level.

It is the latency in online games


That  is responsable to send chat data, guild chat data or any other in-game communications between players and some other UI modes as well as small number of data (moving your location, fight, receive damage and so on) whenever it is required in a timely manner. If some of these actions are not processed in time, your character movement or actions seems to freeze, screen starts to flicker or messages get displayed with noticable delay or you receive unwanted disconnects, if this is happening, then it is very likely that you are experiancing high latency!

In VOIP a high latency can cause echoes, disturbing noises, transmission delays and disconnects.
When latency is observed globally, it transmits all essential data and maintains a stable connection. When there is over 300 ms on a reading, it is known as high latency.

Latency Test

Latency Test can be done with the full version of Latency Optimizer 3.0. The Latency Test is not only showing the user the stat of the actual latency it is also an important measurement to allow Latency Optimizer to reduce latency and improve latency.

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