How to fix Call of Duty lag? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 16.07.2019   14:30

How to fix Call of Duty (COD) lag? COD counts to the most famous and fun online shooters. In the beginning of COD, a couple thousand players joined each other in the virtual world and fought together against the enemies or against each other.

Lag was in those times as same as today where the community of COD players reaches millions. You might be interested in: "Why COD lagged some time back and why it lags today as well?"

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Why COD lags for some players?

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COD lag in the past!

In the past game server, technology was not that advanced as today, internet connections where not that fast and there was still no need to have game servers all over the world. Data packages had quite a distance to travel! With lag, gamers had mainly the problem that their internet connection was hardly fast enough and the lines were unstable.

For those who tried to play over a wireless connection COD was in many cases no fun. Lag was for some gamers present daily.

*Gamers with hardware that didn't meet the requirements are excluded.

COD lag in the presents!

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1. Game server causing COD lag

Game server technology reached a high standard. Internet Service Provider did increase the bandwidth limits and the connections are much faster and stable. So how comes COD lag is still present these days?
First, the amount of gamers online over a very long period of time has rapidly increased and because of that reason the game server needs to be maintained more often. Another reason is that there are gamers from all over the world and in some countries internet connections are still very slow and unstable, so even if the hardware requirements are fulfilled, the slow unstable connection causes lag.

But there is some good news:
Lag caused by game servers is mainly temporary, nearly no gamer will experience lag caused by game server(s) over a long period!

(Note that there is still the possibility that the gateway you use has a high ping to the game server. You can do aa Ping Test to the game server to test it.)

2. Weak lines and signals of ISP's causing COD lag

Lag caused by Internet Service Provider's weak and bad lines and signals is a much bigger problem and it can't be fixed by yourself. Lag, spike lag or disconnected from COD caused by weak and bad lines and signals can only be solved by your ISP.

This kind of lag can be temporary or over a very long period of time. In some cases your ISP just can't fix the issue without bigger investments in the infrastructure in your area. This is mostly not going to happen.

3. When your PC causes COD lag

Corrupted registry, wrong internet connection settings, processes, virus, spyware, malware, adware, Trojan, root-kits and many other reasons can cause lag, spike lag or cause you to get disconnected from the game; even if you have a fast internet connection and proper hardware.

How to fix COD lag caused by game servers?

There is not much you can do at your side when a game server causes lag. In order to fix lag caused by game server(s) only the game developer or host can try to solve the high latency. There are a couple of situations in which even the game developer or host can't fix the lag in a short period of time. Bad gateways, DDOS attacks, hardware failures are some of them.

We suggest that you talk to gamer friends inside the game, ask in a general chat channel and visit the game developer's forum and/or support website to find out if the lag you experience is caused by the game server. Be patient or drop a post to the game development forum and ask for ETA is the best you can do in this situation!

How to fix COD lag caused by your ISP - Internet Service Provider?

If you experience lag in Call of Duty as an individual player (game server lag is not the reason) we suggest that you test your internet connection. Speed tests, ping tests and latency tests are very reliable tools to use to troubleshoot your internet connection.

If you notice that you actually didn't get the service and quality from your ISP that you are paying for, visit the forum and support website of your ISP and look for any announcement stating maintenance or technical issues in your area. Use the possibility to talk with neighbors and friends who use the same ISP as you to ensure that it is not only you who is experiencing the lag.

You can also try to play other online games and see if they lag as well. If the lag is caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you should get in contact with their support and send them your speed test, ping test and latency test results. Your ISP is the only one who can assist you with weak lines or signals causing lag. Keep this in mind!

How to fix COD lag caused from your PC?

Checking your Hardware, drivers, cables and external Hardware and modem or routers should be the first thing to do.

The hardest part of troubleshooting the reasons of lag and fixing lag is that you will be on your own! If your PC causes lag you would need to check your system internals, processes, registry, possible infections, corrupted or wrong internet connection settings, protocols and much more.

At this point, you will need to be rather a system engineer or programmer and even then it would take you ages to fix lag. Badosoft has developed a powerful and innovative software called Latency Optimizer 4.0 which can assist you with fixing lag caused by your PC.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix COD lag!



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