Why WOW lags? (UPDATED)

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WOW (short from World of Warcraft) is one (if not the one) of the most famous and enjoyable online MMORPGs out there. In the early days of WOW a couple of thousand RPG loving online gamers found each other in the fantastic world and fought for the freedom of their race, town or even the whole world.

WOW lag was in these times as same as today where the community of WOW players reaches more than ten million. You might want to ask: "Why WOW lagged in the early days and why also today?"

Here is the answer why WOW lags for some players!

The early days of WOW lag!

In the early days, the game server technology was still in its baby shoes. Internet connections where quite slow and the distances to the game server were enormous. In these times WOW lag was mostly caused by the game server or just because the player's internet connection was too slow and the lines where unstable!

Only in a few cases the PC hardware requirements weren't met. We all know that in the early days of WOW, the game was running almost on every PC and only few laptop models had issues!

It needs to be said, that in these days not many gamers where using wireless connections as this technology was brand new and it was a very expensive way to connect to the internet and play WOW.

WOW lag was as often present as daily. Players just lived with it!

WOW lag today!

1. WOW lag caused by the game server

At present, the game server technology has increased much. Internet connections can handle huge bandwidth and are very fast. So how is it that WOW lag still exists, even if much effort was given from the game developers to lower latency issues?

The answer might be somewhere there but every game server has his own personality. The gamer server technology today might be highly advanced, yet even then an issue happens.

NOTE: WOW lag caused by game servers are mainly temporary and a serious issue shouldn't be made out of it. No player will suffer from WOW lag caused by game servers over a long period of time!

2. WOW lag caused by weak lines and signals

A deeper problem and longer lasting problem is WOW lag caused by Internet Service Provider's lines and signals. Lag, spike lag and even disconnects are caused by weak lines and signals.

Of course these issues can be also temporary, over a couple of hours or days! It can in few cases also become permanent and if this is going to happen to you, only a call to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will solve the issue!

WOW MOP hall

3. WOW lag caused on your end

The most common and really frustrating WOW lag that can last over days, weeks and even months is the WOW lag caused on YOUR end! Corrupted registry, internet connection settings, harmful and disturbing processes, virus, spyware, malware, adware, Trojan, root-kit infections and many more reasons can cause WOW lag, spike lag and disconnects.

It even happens that you might have a fast internet connection but because of some unknown mysterious reason, WOW lags. There might be more reasons that causes WOW lag like hardware issues but there are quite a few articles around the net explaining hardware issues and gameplay. Furthermore be careful what kind of add-ons you install! Some WOW add-ons can cause lag as well. 

How to fix WOW lag caused by game servers?

There is nothing you can do from your end when the game server causes lag. To fix WOW lag caused by the game server only the technicians or the game developer can influence and try to solve the issue. At some point, even the game server technicians can't help with fixing WOW lag as it might be caused by 3rd parties, gateways and so on a good indicator to find out if WOW lags because of the game server is to ask friends, guild or in general chat if others experience the lag as well. You should always check out the WOW support for announcements as well!

     • NOWDAYS World of Warcraft has an option called "Optimize Network for Speed" originally added in patch 4.0.6. The main purpose is to reserve additional bandwidth for wow client and disable nagling algorithm. Firstly, this feature does same thing leatrix does. It disables packet piggybacking acks to remove any information delay caused by this delay of information. 
In 4.1 this feature was brought back with a toggle so that users had the option to turn it off should they have problems with it. However it is ON by default.

How to fix WOW lag caused by ISP - Internet Service Provider?

If you experience WOW lag as an individual player you might want to test your internet connection. Doing a speed test, ping test and latency test might help you to get a first result of the health of your internet connection. IF you are sure that the lag is not caused from the game server you might want to find out more about the internet connection you have from your Internet Service Provider.

Visit the forum and support website of your ISP, talk with neighbors and friends who use the same ISP. Try to play other online games and see if the lag is present as well or if it is just the lag. If the lag is caused by your ISP you might want to contact him and send speed test, ping test and latency test results to assist with your request.

Your ISP is the only one who can assist you with weak lines or signals causing lag, please keep this in mind! It is the responsibility of your ISP to provide you the service and quality you are paying for!

How to fix WOW lag caused on your end (PC)?

First of all checking your hardware, drivers, cables and external hardware as modem or routers might be your first thing to do.

The more complex and hard to troubleshoot reasons of lag are system internals, processes, registry, infections and internet connection settings and protocols. At this point you will need to be rather a system engineer or programmer and even that would not be a guarantee to fix WOW lag. Badosoft has developed a powerful and innovative software called Latency Optimizer that can assist you with fixing lag caused on your end.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix WOW lag, reduce high latency and lower high ping!

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