How to fix Winsock in Windows 7? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 14.07.2019   10:00

There are several reasons because of which an internet connection gets hung or stuck at a point leaving your work or search of trouble.

Sometimes it so happens that you are working on a site where you have to put all your necessary information like credit card numbers or your complete address and before you finish them and Windows warns you about an IP conflict error. This seems totally annoying and irritating especially when you need to put that important information in so that you can achieve the purpose for which you were working on that site.

When do you need a Winsock repair?

Winsock is a programming interface and the supporting program that handles input/output requests for Internet applications in a Windows operating system. It's called Winsock because it's an adaptation for Windows of the Berkeley UNIX sockets interface.

In such a situation, a need of connectivity fix arises and you have to look for the ways through which you can make your internet connection safe and secure. Winsock fix, IP repair, DNS repair, host files fix and much more needs to be done in order to avoid such Internet problems!

There are several reasons for which your computer faces Winsock or IP related issues

The main reasons are mostly viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and adware infections. Also using a DSL modem from where you are providing more than one connection to different PCs.

If you are using a single DSL internet modem then you need to first secure your network or your single internet connection. What you can do in this regard is to call your ISP and ask them to assign five or six different IPs so that you can assign different IPs to different PCs. This would be the most perfect solution of an IP fix if you have decided to use your DSL modem to provide internet connections to your neighbors.

If you are having issues even after you have succesfuly reset winsock settings and flushed DNS, the problem might persist. With the help of Latency Optimizer 4.0 FREE software version you can try and locate the issues and hopefully fix the problem. Check it out here.

The second reason could be a DHCP error

This is the error which occurs mostly when you use a wireless internet connection.
There is a misconception in many internet users, and that is, they always consider that a wireless internet connection should catch the IP automatically. This concept is totally false.

If someone is using a wireless connection at their laptop or cell phone, then he/she should also assign an IP to it in order to avoid Winsock and other internet connection errors. Another possible reason could be any kind of damage in the wires that you are using with your internet connection.

Your Ethernet and electricity cable should be perfect enough and free from any kind of breakage so that you can enjoy smooth and safe browsing.

Connectivity Fixer Winsock repair and IP fix

winsock reset image
A couple of software applications have been invented so far for those who are still facing the same problem even when they have fixed the issues that were discussed in the above paragraph. If you are one of those users who have tried all possible solutions that are related to Winsock, IP or other internet connection problems then you would need reliable licensed software to resolve your issue.

Among one such software, Connectivity Fixer is reliable. It is a tool which has been designed specifically for Windows and runs automatically behind your applications. Whenever an internet connection is found, it is repaired automatically without being noticed and you can get a continuous surfing experience.

It goes without saying that it is the real internet connection repair application which has been designed so far to provide you a safe and smooth browsing experience. Besides the Winsock fix and IP repair tool the PRO version provides advanced commands to solve the more complex internet connection problems!

Fix connectivity issues: Download Connectivity Fixer to assist you to repair your internet connection!

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