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UPDATED: 15.07.2019   16:30

Badosoft has developed Latency Optimizer version 4.0 which will assist you with the newest tunes and tweaks to speed up an internet connection and reduce high latency in WOW (World of Warcraft). The professional software will help you with various tools like:

One Click Lag Fix and Latency Optimization, RAM Optimizer, Operating System Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Internet Connection Repair tool, more than 45 tunes & tweaks in the Advanced Optimizer settings.

The WOW latency fix software Latency Optimizer will also give you the possibilities to test your internet connection speed, your ping and test your latency. High ping & High Latency causes WOW lag for a very high percentage of players. These issues are mostly caused on the player's end and not from the game or its servers.

Badosoft offers a free download of the WOW latency fix!

If you are sure that your computer meets the system requirements and the WOW server you are playing on has no high latency issues but you still lag in WOW you might want to troubleshoot your internet connection with the Latency Optimizer testing tools (speed test, ping test, latency test and packet monitor).

Latency Optimizer will help your to optimize WOW latency. There are thousands of players out there that even could fix WOW lag forever!

Please be aware that Latency Optimizer cannot do magic! Latency Optimizer 4.0 is highly advanced software with professional features, still your computer must meet the system requirements and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) shouldn't be one of the unreliable ones or the ones that massively oversells its capacity. In such cases, Latency Optimizer 4.0 will only bring a small percentage of possible success to fix WOW lag and reduce high latency in WOW.


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Couple of more things you can do before you try anything that might compromise your gameplay:

     • Select game servers closer to you.     

     • Close any network-hogging programs on your computer.

     • Check if there are any other devices on your network taking bandwidth. 

     • Disable your firewalls.                         

     • Bypass faulty network hardware.

     • Contact your internet service provider.

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If you feel like you could use a helping hand in reducing high latency in WOW visit our blog and read our articles about high latency, fix slowly internet connections, Full Guide to solve WOW lag and much more...


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Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix WOW lag, reduce high latency and lower high ping!

» Reduce high latency - Fix lag by online games and online application.
» Improve your up and download speed
» Balance your System Memory
» Get rid of unwanted Files what slows down your PC performance.
» Speed up your surfing experience
» Measure your up and download speed
» Test your latency

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