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Installation/activation of Connectivity Fixer PRO!

Solution Connectivity Fixer PRO

You need an active internet connection to install Connectivity Fixer PRO!

  1. Choose your preferred language
  2. Click proceed



Connectivity Fixer PRO

Read the License Terms and Agreement carefully!

  1. Accept the License Terms and Agreement
  2. Click proceed

Connectivity Fixer PRO

  1. Chose an installation folder on your hard disk
  2. Make a desktop shortcut (optional)
  3. Make a folder in start program list (optional)
  4. Click proceed


Connectivity Fixer PRO

If you connect trough a proxy server (most of the cases used by companies), please provide the server address and port!

  1. Provide server address and port (optional)
  2. Click proceed

Connectivity Fixer PRO

To download and activate Connectivity Fixer PRO you must provide your purchased serial key!

  1. Provide your purchased serial key (Your serial key you got from the reseller/shop you purchased Latency Optimizer 3.0. In the case you lost your serial key or you don't have any more access to the purchased serial key, please open a Ticket on our support at:

! After the verification of your serial key, the download of Connectivity Fixer PRO will start


Please uninstall the FREE Home version of Connectivity Fixer PRO before running the Full Version!!! (If installed on your PC))
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