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When you try to run Speedtest4free you see a warning dialog box from your Firewall. Article rated 5.0/5.0
Solution a.) If you run Speedtest4free for the first time you may see an alert from your Firewall. You may also see an alert when Speedtest4free checks for an update. Click ALLOW and if available reme...
When you try to run Speedtest4free in Windows Vista, you see a User Account Control dialog box. Article not rated yet
Solution a.) Windows Vista uses the User Account Control (UAC) to prevent users from accidentally running spyware or malware or making major changes to how Windows runs (see
When you run Speedtest 4free you might receive a warning from your anti-virus scanner Article not rated yet
Solution a.) Most of the anti-virus scanner does not recognize if a Software download or running Software is safe, therefore they will rather block or sandbox the Software. This might be helpful in so...
When you try to run the Speed test nothing happens or all markers are red! Article rated 1.0/5.0
Solution a.) Your Firewall blocks Speedtest4free or ports used to test your Internet connection speed and ping. Please make an exception in your firewall settings for Speedtest4free. Solution b.) You...
How to save your Speedtest4free results? Article not rated yet
Solution a.) In order to save test results you must open an FREE Badosoft account via Speedtest4free.
I get different results from different servers! What does that mean? Article not rated yet
Solution a.) The measured Internet connection speed deepens like by every other available speed test on the server you download and upload test files. If a Server is slow or has temporary high load it...
I have a slow Internet connection speed or high ping! What can I do? Article not rated yet
Solution a.) Download or buy Latency Optimizer 3.0 to speed up and boost your Internet connection & PC. Latency Optimizer can assist your to reduce high latency, reduce lag, fix lag and speed up ...
Why Speedtes4free is Freeware? Can I use it in my company? Article not rated yet
Badosoft is a successful Software Developing Company with established own Software products and is also developing custom Software products for many Companies. Giving Speedtest4free is just because we...
You still have a technical problem with Speedtest4free after reading the FAQ section. What should you do now? Article not rated yet
Solution a.) Describe your problem in detail, if possible with a log file and screenshots and send an email to: or open a Ticket at .

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