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Some users can experience graphic flickering! Article not rated yet
We are aware of this problem and hope to fix it within the next planed updates!
Some Speedtouch routers blocking IMCP service! Article rated 3.0/5.0
Please contact your ISP or System Administrator to unblock the ICMP Service in order to make a Speed, ping and latency test!
Few older Laptops with Windows XP having CPU issues! Article not rated yet
Few users reported CPU issues by older Laptops running Windows XP (old versions)! Solution a.) Verify that your Laptop meets the System Requirements of Latency Optimizer 3.0. Clean your Hard Disk f...
Latency Optimizer 3.0 is not starting by not active internet connection! Article rated 5.0/5.0
If your internet connection is not active, Latency Optimizer will need a couple of minutes to startup as you might had configured the update feature to look for new updates on startup!
Dragging Latency Optimizer window fully out of the desktop... Article not rated yet
Some user experienced when dragging Latency Optimizer 3.0 window fully out of their Desktop, that Latency Optimizer is disapearing! Our Research-Team is looking for a solution!
Error Codes Article rated 1.0/5.0
Error Codes of Latency Optimizer 4.0 7728 License invalid 7729 License missing 7730 Invalid installation 7731 License corrupted Solution 1.) If your license is invalid uninstall Latency ...
.net 2.0 Error Article not rated yet
Latency Optimizer is a .net connected Software supporting .net 4.0! There could be an issue if you try to install Latency Optimizer on Virtual Machine asking to install .net 2.0 but you already hav...

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